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Duplicate a device on the
BlackBerry Alert

When you enable a device on the
BlackBerry Alert
server, you have the option to create a duplicate of that device. Only Giant Voice devices can be duplicated. If you attempt to duplicate a non-Giant Voice device from the Configure Device Support screen, an error is displayed.
When you duplicate a device, it appears in the list of gateways on the Settings screen and in the list of devices in the Devices screen with a "-DUP1" extension. You can create additional duplicates of the same device, as needed. Each duplicate is appended with a new "-DUP
" extension. For example, ATI-DUP1, ATI-DUP2, and ATI-DUP3.
You can duplicate a Giant Voice device up to six times. There is a 30 character limit to the ID of the duplicated device.
  1. Log in as an administrator to the
    BlackBerry Alert
  2. Navigate to the following folder:
    ../Program Files (x86)/AtHocENS/ServerObjects/Tools
  3. Open the following application:
    The Configure Device Support screen opens.
  4. Select the check box next to the device you want to duplicate.
  5. Click
  6. Optionally, click
  7. Click