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Enable user-initiated move

If you have a large enterprise organization where users in your system need to move between organizations, you can enable the User Initiated Move feature. This reduces the burden on your administrators by enabling users to move themselves between the sub organizations of your enterprise organization in Self Service.
When a user moves to a different organization, their view of Self Service may change, depending on the settings of the organization they are moving to. If the user is an operator, any operator permissions they had in their original organization are revoked. If the user had enterprise administrator permissions in the enterprise organization, they are retained. If the users had permissions in other organizations within the enterprise or organizations outside of the enterprise organization, they are retained. If a user has dependents, those dependents are also moved.
Before user initiated move can be enabled, require user uniqueness must be enabled.
  1. Select the User Initiated Move 
     check box. The Available Organizations list appears. The enterprise organization and all sub organizations appear in the Available Organizations list.
  2. Select the organizations that you want users to be able to move themselves to, or choose 
    Select All
    . You can narrow the list of organizations by typing the name of an organization in the text box.
  3. Click 
The list of selected organizations is shown to all users in the enterprise. End users will see the selected organizations in the Move to Organization screen in Self Service.