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Importing and exporting operators

The Operator Import and Export feature enables enterprise administrators and organization administrators to add a large number of operator accounts to their
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organization by using a .csv file. Enterprise administrators can also import and export operators for all suborganizations from an enterprise organization.
The Operators Import and Export feature is enabled for all organizations by default. This feature can be disabled for any organization if needed. For more information, see Enable and disable features in the
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System Administrator Configuration Guide
The Operator Import and Export feature enables administrators to perform the following actions for up to 500 operators in a single operation:
  • Add operator roles to existing users.
  • Add restrictions to existing users.
  • Remove operator roles and restrictions from existing users.
  • Revoke all operator permissions.
  • Add or remove operator user base restrictions.
  • Add or remove operator access to static distribution lists, dynamic distribution lists, user bases, and folders.
  • Update password expiration settings.
  • Update the "User must change password at next login" setting.
  • Add or remove an operator's permissions to manage dependents or publish alerts to dependents.
The following are prerequisites and restrictions for importing and exporting operators:
  • You must have enterprise administrator or organization administrator permissions.
  • Operators cannot update their own permissions.
  • Operators cannot assign or revoke higher level operator permissions than their own permissions. For example, an operator with organization administrator permissions can revoke or grant organization administrator permissions to another operator, but cannot grant enterprise administrator or system administrator permissions.
  • Only existing enabled users in the given organization can be imported as operators.
  • If an import includes an Organization column and you are performing the import from an enterprise organization, operators are imported for both the enterprise and suborganizations. Only enterprise administrators can import or export operators across the enterprise and suborganizations.
  • If no Organization column is included in the import file, operators are imported only to the current organization.
  • When updating a user base restriction for an operator, there is a limit of 10 conditions.
  • All distribution lists, folders, and attributes being imported for an operator account must already exist in your organization.
  • Only users with unique user names and mapping IDs in the system will be granted operator permissions.
  • Partial import is not supported. (If an attribute for an operator in the import .csv file is incorrect, the operator is not imported.)
  • Up to 500 operators can be imported in a single import.
  • Parallel imports are not supported. Only a single operator or user import can be processed at a time.