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System Administrator

Designed for the people responsible for maintaining the entire system of servers, who are often IT staff. This role hides user information by default, but can increase its own roles if needed to accomplish more tasks. This role can only be given in the System Setup (3) organization.
Basic settings
  • Configure general settings
  • Configure alert placeholder settings
  • Configure alert folder settings
  • Configure delivery template settings
  • Configure audio file settings
  • Configure mobile alert settings
  • Configure alert rule settings
  • Configure map settings 
System setup settings
  • Configure security policy settings
  • Configure global system health settings
  • Configure system health settings
  • Access and export the diagnostic log
  • Clear the diagnostic log
  • Access archive settings
  • Access the organizations manager settings
  • Configure feature enablement
  • Configure integration manager settings
  • Configure API application settings
  • Access the Operator Audit Trail
  • View geocoding summary and logs
  • Configure the SMS Opt-in service URL
User settings
  • Grant external operator permissions
  • Revoke operator permissions
  • Configure distribution list folders
  • Configure user attribute settings
  • Translate custom user attributes
  • Configure user authentication
  • Enable SMS Opt-in
Device settings
  • Configure device settings
  • Configure mass device endpoints
  • Configure desktop app settings
Device Manager
  • Access the device manager
  • View device details
  • Enable and disable devices
  • Edit devices
  • Copy devices
  • Delete devices
  • Set device delivery preference
  • Update device name