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Alert Manager

Give the alert manager role to someone who needs to manage alerts and users, but should not have access to all settings. The alert manager role provides the maximum publishing privileges.
  • Create and publish alerts
  • View, search for, and mark alerts as reviewed from the Inbox
  • Forward and reply to alerts from the Inbox
  • Create, edit, duplicate, end, publish, and delete alerts, find alerts on the live map, and search for alerts from the Sent Alerts screen
  • Export sent alerts from the Sent Alerts screen
  • Create, edit, search for, delete, and duplicate alert templates
  • Create new alert folders, edit personal folders, search for folders
Mobile publishing
  • Publish alerts to the mobile app
    You must also have the SDK user role.
  • Manage users
  • Manage distribution lists
  • Mange user attributes
  • Prioritize personal devices
Publisher map
  • Export users list
  • View personnel, alerts usage, and user summary reports
Basic settings
  • Configure alert template settings
  • Configure alert folder settings
System setup settings
  • Access the Operator Audit Trail
User settings
  • Configure user attribute settings
  • Translate custom user attributes