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Assign roles for the enterprise from a member organization

If you have an enterprise installation, certain operators in member organizations need access to the enterprise level. This enables the operator to send alerts from the enterprise or manage the enterprise. For more information, see the .
If a user in a member organization needs access to the enterprise organization, you can edit their operator permissions at the enterprise level.
  1. Log in to the
    BlackBerry Alert
    management system as an enterprise administrator and change to the enterprise organization.
  2. In the navigation bar, click
  3. Click
  4. Click the
    whose permissions you want to edit.
  5. Click
    Grant Operator Permissions
  6. Click the
    Operator Roles
    list and then click to select each of the roles you want to assign to the user.
    Granting the Enterprise Administrator role will give this user full administrator permissions to all member organizations.
  7. To remove an operator permission, click
    next to the name.
  8. Click