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A locale is a specific dialect of a language spoken in a region such as Canadian French, Spanish Spanish, and American English. Localization is the process of customizing an application for a given language and region. This document describes how
BlackBerry Alert
has been localized to accommodate users in locales beyond US English.
Within the
BlackBerry Alert
locales define the way the user interface appears to operators, while
locales define the way
BlackBerry Alert
alerts appear to alert recipients. Although an organization can be associated with only one organization locale, it can be associated with multiple delivery locales. This is explained in the Set delivery locales for an organization section of this guide.
This first part of this document lists the organization locales supported by the
BlackBerry Alert
system. The second part explains the process by which the system determines a user's locale and the impact of localization on the operator user interface. The third part explains how to set delivery locales for an organization and how to specify a delivery locale when creating an alert. The appendices contain a table listing the characters supported in the system and a list of the localized and non-localized pages in the
BlackBerry Alert