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View incoming alert details

  1. In the navigation bar, click
  2. Click
    The Inbox opens, displaying all incoming alerts in the system.
  3. Locate the alert you want to view.
  4. Click anywhere in the alert row.
  5. A detailed view of the alert that includes the following items appears next to the list:
    • Alert title
    • Severity
    • Type
    • Source
    • Creation time
    • Expiration time (if any)
    • GPS coordinates (for incoming live mobile alerts only.) This item is displayed only when a valid location is found.
    • Body
    • Review status (reviewed or not)
    • Reviewer's name (if applicable)
    • Review time (if applicable)
    • Reply status (replied to or not, if applicable)
    • Reply that was sent (if applicable)
    • The name of the person who replied (if applicable)
    • The time the event was replied to (if applicable)
    • The location of the event
    • Any attachments to the event
    • The location of the alert. Alerts with a location display The Location icon in the alert row. To view a full-sized map of the incoming alert location, click The show map icon next to the small map image.
    • Any attachments to the alert. Incoming alerts with attachments have a The Attachment icon in the alert row. To view an attached image, video, markup, or text file, click the thumbnail of the attachment to see it as a pop-up or click the The Download Attachment icon to download it.