Run an advanced search for an incoming alert Skip Navigation

Run an advanced search for an incoming alert

  1. In the navigation bar, click 
  2. Click 
    . The Inbox opens.
  3. Optionally, in the 
     field, type or paste a word or phrase found in the alert title or alert contents.
  4. Click 
    . The search field expands to display additional search criteria.
  5. Select from the criteria you want to use to find the event.
    • Source Name
      : The name of the person or organization that created the event.
    • Alert Type
      : To view a list of all available alert types, see Mobile alert types.
    • Date
    • Severity
      : Options include High, Moderate, Low, Informational, or Unknown.
    • Reviewed
    • Pending Reply
    • Status
      : Options include Live and Expired.
  6. Click 
    The screen refreshes to display the results of your search, with each of the search criteria you selected appearing as a separate pill under the search field.
You can click 
 in any pill to remove it as a search criteria. If you do so, the search results field updates automatically.