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Create a weather alert rule

To begin processing Integrated Weather Alerts, you must create alert rules that are designed to trigger alert templates. Each weather alert rule must contain a selected county and alert template before it can be enabled.
You must create weather alert rules for each organization from which you want to send integrated weather alerts.
  1. Log in to the
    BlackBerry Alert
    management console.
  2. In the navigation bar, click
  3. Click
    Alert Rules
  4. On the
    Alert Rule
    page, click the
  5. Click
    New Rule
  6. Enter a name for the rule.
  7. In the
    section, click
    next to
  8. On the
    Select Counties
    window, on the
    All Counties tab
    , select one or more counties. You can use the arrow next to
    All States
    to filter counties by state. You can also search for a specific zip code.
  9. Optionally, click
    Selected Counties
    to verify the counties you have selected.
  10. Optionally, click
    to change your county selection.
  11. Click
    . You are returned to the
    Alert Rule
    page. The counties you selected appear in the
  12. Optionally, select a
    Weather Severity
    . You can select multiple levels of severity.
  13. Optionally, select a
    Weather Type
    . You can select multiple weather types.
  14. Optionally, select a
    Message Type
    . You can select multiple message types.
  15. In the Action section, select an alert template.
  16. Optionally, select
    Override Geo Information
    . When selected, the map from the incoming weather feed overrides any map in the alert template. If the alert template has geo-targeting enabled, the alert is triggered for the location from the feed. If not selected, the map and geo-targeting from the original alert template is used in the triggered alert.
  17. Click
    . The new weather alert rule is created and is enabled by default.
All conditions you specify must be met by a weather feed before an alert is triggered. For example, if you select a Severity of High, and Event Type of Flood for San Mateo county, only weather feeds that are high severity flood events that target San Mateo county trigger the selected alert template.