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Create a custom accountability status response

You can create custom accountability status responses. An accountability status response enables you to customize the responses available to accountability event end users. You can also select one of the out-of-the-box user status responses.
  1. In the navigation bar, click 
  2. In the 
     section, click 
    User Attributes
  3. Select 
     from the 
  4. Enter a name for the accountability status.
  5. Click 
    Add value
     to add a new status. Enter a value for the accountability status. For example, "I am safe."
  6. Click 
  7. Click 
    Add value
     to add additional status response values.
  8. Click 
     to save each status response value.
  9. Click 
     to save the Status user attribute.
The Status accountability user attribute is available to select when creating an accountability template and appears in the Status list.