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Report on Behalf of Users

9 steps to get you started

Step 1: Click Account

1. Click Account

With Account, you can update the status of users on their behalf. If you are aware of their status, perhaps from their supervisor or a call they made to a call center, you can update their status in the BlackBerry Alert system.

Step 2: Click All Events

2. Click All Events

Step 3: Select an event

3. Select an event

Step 4: Click the Users tab

4. Click the Users tab

Step 5: Click the edit icon for a user

5. Click the edit icon for a user

Tip: You can also select multiple users to update their status. Select the check boxes beside their names and click Change Status.

Step 6: Select a status

6. Select a status

Step 7: Add a comment

7. Add a comment

This is not a required step but can be useful to capture details about why you are manually updating the user's status.

Click 8: Click Apply

8. Click Apply

Step 9: That's It!

9. That's it!

You have successfully reported on behalf of other users for an accountability event!

Tip: You can go to the Summary tab of the event to view the updated user status.

To learn more about Account, see the BlackBerry Alert Account User Guide.