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Manage operator roles and permissions

7 steps to get you started

Step 1: Open Users screen

1. Open the Users screen

In the navigation bar, click Users. From the drop-down menu, click Users.

Note: Before you grant permissions, determine what roles and restrictions are needed for operators in your organization.

Step 2: Search for a user

2. Search for a user

Search for and select the operator you want to set roles and permissions for. 

Step 3: Click Grant Operator Permissions

3. Click Grant Operator Permissions

Step 4: Select operator roles

4. Select operator roles

Click the down arrow next to Operator Roles to view the available AtHoc operator roles. Select the role or roles you want the operator to have.

For more information on Alert roles, see the BlackBerry Alert Roles and Permissions Matrix.

Step 5: Choose password settings

5. Choose the password settings

Enter and confirm a password that meets the criteria. Select User must change password at next login to force the operator to create their own password.

Step 6: Set permissions

6. Set permissions

Set whether you want to restrict the operator's access to alert folders, distribution lists, or a user base. Set whether you want the operator to be able to manage dependent users.

Step 7: That's It

7. That's it!

Your user now has the new operator roles and permissions you have set for them. Let them know they can log in using the username and password you have set for them.

To learn more about setting operator permissions, see the BlackBerry Alert Manage Operators and Administrators Guide.