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Generate an accountability report

9 steps to get you started

Step 1: Click Account

1. Click Account

This guide shows you how to generate an accountability report containing:

  • A summary of the event including the distribution of affected user statuses
  • A graph of when the users responded with their status
  • A list of the users included in the report
Step 2: Click All Events

2. Click All Events

Step 3: Select an event

3. Select an event

Step 4: Click Export

4. Click More Actions > Export

Step 5: Select the report format

5. Select the report format

Step 6: Pick the sections to include

6. Pick the sections you want to include

If you want to, you can add a description.

Step 7: Click Export

7. Click Export

Step 8: Open or save the report

8. Open or save the report

The generated report appears in your browser window.

Step 9: That's It!

9. That's it!

You have successfully generated an accountability report!

To learn more about Account, see the BlackBerry Alert Account User Guide.