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Create a Dynamic Distribution List

10 steps to get you started

Step 1: Click Users

1. Click Users

Click Users in the navigation bar.

Step 2: Click Distribution Lists

2. Click Distribution Lists

Step 3: Click New

3. Click New

Step 4: Choose Dynamic

4. Choose Dynamic

A dynamic distribution list is created using a user filter based on your conditions. A static distribution list is created manually by adding users to the list.

Tip: To learn more about static distribution lists, go to Create a Static Distribution List.

Step 5: Enter basic information

5. Enter basic information

Fill in the name, common name, and description of the distribution list.

Step 6: Click View

6. Click View

You will be able to see all conditions available for this distribution list query.

Step 7: Select operator

7. Select an operator

Step 8: Add conditions and click Apply

8. Add Conditions and click Apply

You will add any conditions needed for the distribution list and press apply in the bottom right corner.

Tip: Press Add Condition to add more than one condition to your list.

Step 9: Click Save

9. Click Save

Tip: You can view the number of members in the list below the membership criteria box.

Step 10: That's It!

10. That's it!

You have successfully created an Alert Dynamic Distribution List!

The members on this list will receive any alert that you send them.

To learn more about distribution lists, see the BlackBerry Alert Manage Distribution Lists Guide.