Document revision history

18 June 2019
Updated to include information about manual key verification and manual passphrase exchange. 
9 Oct 2018
Updated to include info about options for passphrase exchange.
24 Oct 2017
Updated graphics to reflect correct 
BBM Enterprise
 application architecture.
19 Jun 2017
Updated to include info about 
BBM Enterprise
 application data at rest encryption.
2 Nov 2016
Updated to include info about 
BBM Enterprise
 app and services.
1 June 2016
Updated to include info about 
BBM Protected
 voice and video, including requirements, architecture, and encryption information.
3 June 2015
  • Updated to indicate that as of 
     10.7 (
    BlackBerry 10
     devices) and 
    BlackBerry Messenger
     8.5.3 (
     OS devices), 
    BBM Protected
     is now controlled by the 
    Enterprise Identity
     administrator console instead of the "Use BBM Protected" IT policy rule.
  • Added information about 
    Protected Plus
  • Added information about Protected Autopassphrase
17 December 2014
Updated to include support for 
BlackBerry UEM
 devices, and 
12 September 2014
Updated various topics to indicate that 
BBM Protected
 now supports all activation types for 
BlackBerry 10