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Set up an authentication delegate for Blackberry Dynamics apps

Simple steps to make it easier for users to access and use BlackBerry Dynamics apps

When you make a BlackBerry Dynamics app an authentication delegate, it allows the user to access all of the BlackBerry Dynamics apps on the device simply by logging into the delegate app (for example, BlackBerry Work). As long as the user is authenticated with the delegate app, they are authenticated with all BlackBerry Dynamics apps on the device. BlackBerry recommends making the most used BlackBerry Dynamics app the authentication delegate.

Screenshot of the Blackberry Dynamics profile window Blackberry Dynamics profile

1. Click Policies and profiles > Policy > BlackBerry Dynamics > +.

Screenshot of setting a name and description

2. Type a name and description for the profile.

Screenshot of the app authentication delegation option in the profile settings

3. Under App authentication delegation, click Edit.

Screenshot of selecting an app for authentication delegation

4. Select a BlackBerry Dynamics app to be the authentication delegate.

If more than one authentication delegate is required, see Blackberry Dynamics profiles settings for more information. 

Screenshot of adding an app to the list and clicking save

5. Add the app to the list and click Save.

Screenshot of the allow self-authentication option

6. Optional: Allow self-authentication.

Select Allow self-authentication when an authentication delegate app is not available to allow users to authenticate apps when an authentication delegate is not installed.

Screenshot of assigning a Blackberry Dynamics profile

7. Assign the profile to users and groups.

For the app authentication delegation to take effect, you need to assign the Blackberry Dynamics profile to users or groups.  

Screenshot of successfully setting a Blackberry Dynamics authentication delegate

8. That's it!

You have successfully set a Blackberry Dynamics authentication delegate.

For more information on how to set up a Blackberry Dynamics app to act as an authentication delegate, see BlackBerry Dynamics profile settings