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Send commands to UEM devices

Simple steps for sending remote commands that help you manage your users' devices

You can use the UEM management console to send a command to users or devices. This feature allows you to remotely manage important information on users’ devices and to act quickly to protect your organization's data. 


1. On the menu bar, click Users > Managed devices.


2. Search for and click a user.

Screenshot of users' device

3. On the device tab, click Manage device.

Screenshot of the list of commands

4. Choose a command to send to the device

For example, you can send a command to lock the user's device or update device information. See the Commands reference for a complete list of commands with details.

Screenshot of the delete command expiration

5. Optional: Set an expiry time for Delete commands

In Settings > General settings > Delete command expiration, you can set one or both Delete commands to Automatically remove the device if the command expires. Click Save.

Screenshot of how to send bulk commands

6. Optional: Send commands to multiple users

Select the check box beside the users you want to include and click a command. This will send the command to the selected users and devices at the same time.

Screenshot of successfully sending a command

7. That’s it!

You have successfully sent a command to one or more user accounts or devices. 

For more information about managing device features and sending commands to users and devices, see Sending commands to users and devices