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Generate an access key for BlackBerry Dynamics apps

Simple steps to generate an access key in UEM Self-Service to activate or unlock Blackberry Dynamics apps

Depending on how administrators have configured the UEM environment, users may need to manually activate BlackBerry Dynamics apps. In certain circumstances, BlackBerry Dynamics apps can also become locked, preventing users from accessing work data such as their email and calendar. Device users can use the UEM Self-Service console to generate an access key to activate or unlock BlackBerry Dynamics apps. 

Screenshot of the menu tab

1. Click Self-service > My devices.

Screenshot of generating a Blackberry Dynamics access key

2. Click + > Generate a Blackberry Dynamics access key.

Screenshot of a Blackberry Dynamics access key code

3. Copy the access key.

To see a list of access keys and their expiry dates, on the menu bar, click Access keys.

Screenshot of the dynamics apps installed on a device

4. On your device, open the Blackberry Dynamics app.

Screenshot of a dynamics app starting page

5. Tap Enter Credentials.

Screenshot of entering the blackberry email and access key

6. Type your email and the access key and click Next.

Follow the instructions on the screen to complete the app activation.

Screenshot of Blackberry Dynamics app activating

7. That’s it!

You have successfully activated or unlocked a Blackberry Dynamics app using UEM Self-Service.

For more information on how to activate a Blackberry Dynamics app, see Create access keys for BlackBerry Dynamics apps