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Use event notifications to monitor changes in BlackBerry UEM

Simple steps to alert administrators about UEM events

The event notifications feature allows you to set up email notifications to alert administrators about UEM events. For example, you can send a notification if an administrator account is locked or if an app is removed from a user's device. You can schedule when an event notification will be sent, create a list of recipients, and enable or disable the notifications at any time. 

Screenshot of the menu tab

1. Click Settings > General settings > Event notifications.

Screenshot of schedule components tab

2. On the Schedule Components tab, click +.

Screenshot of adding a schedule components

3. Set the schedule for email notifications.

Select All day event to send notifications anytime or clear that option to set certain hours. Click Save.

Screenshot of distribution list tab

4. On the Distribution list tab, click +.

Screenshot of adding recipients to a distribution list

5. Add users to the distribution list.

Click +, add email recipients, user groups, or user roles, and click Save.

Screenshot of event notifications tab

6. On the Event notifications tab, click +.

Screenshot of a list of event types to receive email notifications

7. Select an event type and click Next.

Screenshot of adding the event notification

8. Configure the event notification.

Set the schedule, the list of recipients, and an email template. Click Save.  

Screenshot of the event notifications that have been added

9. That’s it!

You have successfully set up event notifications to monitor changes in Blackberry UEM.

For more information about creating event notifications and alerting administrators about events, see Creating event notifications