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Use dashboard reports to monitor your UEM environment

Learn how to use the UEM dashboard to review device and user activity

Dashboard reports in the UEM management console use graphs to present information about users and devices. There are 8 dashboard reports that provide useful information about your UEM environment. You can export report data as a .csv file for further analysis. You can also change the type of graph that is used to visualize the data. 

Screenshot of the menu tab

On the menu, click Dashboard.

Screenshot of devices roaming chart

Device roaming and not roaming.

You can see how many devices are currently in a roaming state.

Screenshot of device activation graph

Device activations.

You can see the number of devices activated over a 12-month period.

Chart of top 5 assigned apps installed

Top 5 assigned apps installed.

You can see the most common apps installed on devices.

Screenshot of the devices by platform chart

Devices by platform.

You can check what platforms the devices in your organization use. 

Screenshot of device compliance chart

Device compliance.

You can see a visual breakdown of how many devices are compliant and non-compliant.

Graph of the devices by last contact time

Devices by last contact time.

You can see how many days have passed since devices last contacted the UEM server.  

Graph of the device by carrier

Devices by carriers.

You can see a breakdown of devices by service provider.

A chart of the top 5 device models

Top 5 device models.

You can check what the most common device models are in your organization. 

List of the chart options you can use to view the data

Change the type of graph.

Click the settings icon beside a graph and select a chart type from the drop-down list.

Screenshot of the graph information and export option

Export dashboard report to a .csv file.

Click a graph to open a report and click Export.

Screenshot of the whole dashboard window

That’s it!

Now you know how to use the dashboard to monitor your UEM environment.

For more information about using dashboard reports and the information displayed by each report, see Using dashboard reports