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Activate your iOS device

Six simple steps to activate your device with BlackBerry UEM

Image of installing UEM Client from the Google Play store

1. Install the UEM Client from the App Store

Screenshot of the license agreement page in the UEM Client

2.  Activate your device

In the app, accept the license agreement and activate your device using the information from the activation email you received.

Image of UEM Client password page

3. Create a password

If you are using BlackBerry Dynamics, you will use this password to activate and access your BlackBerry Dynamics apps.

Image of Send Notifications pop-up message

4. Allow app notifications

Image of Website downloading a configuration profile pop-up message

5. Allow the configuration profile to download

Image of profile downloaded in settings

6. Install the configuration profile

In your device settings, tap Profile Downloaded. Follow the prompts to install the UEM configuration profile.

Image of UEM Client home page

That's it!

You have successfully activated your iOS device with BlackBerry UEM.

If you receive a pop-up request to install a BlackBerry app, allow the installation.

For more information about activating your iOS device, see Activate your iOS device.