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Add BlackBerry UEM as a compliance partner for Microsoft Azure

1. In Azure, navigate to Partner compliance management.

Log into your Azure administrator account, navigate to Tenant Administration > Connectors and Tokens > Partner Compliance Management, and click Add compliance partner.

Tip: If you don’t see the Partner Compliance Management option, the account that you used to log in to Intune might not have appropriate permissions.

Azure compliance partner

2. Create BlackBerry UEM as a compliance partner.

In the Compliance partner drop-down list, select BlackBerry UEM Azure Conditional Access, and in the Platform drop-down list, select an option, such as iOS. Click Next.

3. Select your users and groups.

Click Next.

4. Review your selections.

Click Create.

Tip: Repeat these steps for each platform that you want to set up, such as Android or macOS.

That's it!

You have successfully set up BlackBerry UEM as a compliance partner in Azure.

To learn more about configuring conditional access, take a look at the BlackBerry UEM workflow, the BlackBerry UEM Client workflow and the Configuration content.