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Log in to 
BlackBerry UEM
 for the first time

Verify that you have the 
BlackBerry UEM
 SRP identifier and SRP authentication key available.
If the setup application is still open, you can access the management console directly from the Console addresses dialog box. 
You may be prompted to provide the IP address and port number of the 
BlackBerry Router
 or a TCP proxy server.
If you receive an error message that your SRP ID cannot be used with the 
BlackBerry UEM
 instance you installed, visit support.blackberry.com/community to read article 37117.
  1. In the browser, type 
    , where <
    > is the FQDN of the computer that hosts the management console. The default port for the management console is port 443.
  2. In the 
     field, type 
  3. In the 
     field, type 
  4. Click 
    Sign in.
  5. In the Server location drop-down selection, select the country of the computer that has 
    BlackBerry UEM
     installed on it, and click 
  6. Type the name of your organization, the SRP identifier, and the SRP authentication key.
  7. Click 
  8. Change the temporary password to a permanent password.
  9. Click 
  • When you log in to the management console, you can choose to complete or close the 
    Welcome to BlackBerry UEM
     dialog box. If you close the dialog box, it will not appear during subsequent login attempts.