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Install an additional 
BlackBerry UEM

You can install additional 
BlackBerry UEM
 instances to create a high availability domain. Verify that the computer satisfies the system requirements for installing a 
BlackBerry UEM
 instance, and complete the necessary preinstallation and postinstallation tasks.
When you install additional 
BlackBerry UEM
  • Install each instance on a separate computer.
  • In the setup application, on the 
    Setup type
     screen, select 
    Use an existing BlackBerry UEM database
  • On the 
    Database information
     screen, specify the information for the 
    BlackBerry UEM
     database that you created when you installed the original 
    BlackBerry UEM
After you install an additional 
BlackBerry UEM
 instance and complete the necessary postinstallation tasks, active-active high availability is available in the domain. User and device data is load-balanced across the 
BlackBerry UEM
 instances, the active 
BlackBerry Affinity Manager
 monitors the enterprise connectivity of each instance, and the standby 
BlackBerry Affinity Manager
 instances monitor the active instance to determine whether a failover is required.