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Obtaining an APNs certificate to manage 

APNs is the Apple Push Notification Service. You must obtain and register an APNs certificate if you want to use 
BlackBerry UEM
 to manage 
 If you set up more than one 
BlackBerry UEM
 domain, each domain requires an APNs certificate.
You can obtain and register the APNs certificate using the first login wizard or by using the external integration section of the administration console.
Each APNs certificate is valid for one year. The management console displays the expiry date. You must renew the APNs certificate before the expiry date, using the same 
 ID that you used to obtain the certificate. You can note the 
 ID in the management console. You can also create an email event notification to remind you to renew the certificate 30 days before it expires. If the certificate expires, devices do not receive data from 
BlackBerry UEM
. If you register a new APNs certificate, device users must reactivate their devices to receive data.
For more information, visit https://developer.apple.com to read 
Issues with Sending Push Notifications
 in article TN2265.
It is a best practice to access the administration console and the 
 Push Certificates Portal using the 
Google Chrome
 browser or the 
 browser. These browsers provide optimal support for requesting and registering an APNs certificate.
To obtain and register an APNs certificate, perform the following actions:
Step 1
Step 2
Step 3