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On-premises installation and configuration

Congratulations! You've started a free trial or purchased 
BlackBerry UEM
 and now you need to get up and running. 
 has several resources to help you get started.
You should already have everything you need to get started, but if you think you're missing something, visit myAccount or contact your 
Follow the links below to find the information you need to get started:
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The Administration content includes a step-by-step list of everything you need to do to set up 
, from planning your installation to activating devices with links to all of the necessary instructions.
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 on-premises takes planning to ensure all of the components you need are installed into your network. Before you install anything, review the Planning Guide to make sure you understand important considerations such as deployment options and hardware and port requirements so you can install 
 in the right way to meet your business needs.
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When you're ready to install 
, the Installation and Upgrade content will help you through every step in the process.
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BlackBerry UEM
 Configuration Guide contains all of the information you need to complete the initial set-up and get 
 communicating with other resources in your network. The Configuration Guide also includes information about migrating users and devices from 
Good Control
 or a separate 
Administration icon
After you've completed the initial configuration, you need to set up policies and profiles to manage users and devices. The most important features to set up are listed in the Steps to get started. Help for all features is available on the Administration page.