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Device activation help

Device activation is the process of connecting your device to 
BlackBerry UEM
 so that you can access work apps and information and your administrator can manage part or all of your device.
The activation process is similar for all devices, but the exact process depends on your device OS, how much control the administrator will have over your device, and choices made by the administrator.
When it's time to activate your device, you should receive an email message from your administrator with all of the information you need. If you have trouble with activation, you should contact your administrator. However, if you want more information, select one of the options below. 
Video icon
Several activation videos are available on the 
Console icon
BlackBerry UEM Self-Service
 is an end-user console that you can use to activate devices and perform several other tasks.
UEM Self-Service
 has its own user guide.
Activation icon
The device activation help for administrators includes instructions for each device type that they can pass along to end users.
Android icon
Yes, there are a lot of options depending on how your organization connects to 
, whether your organization controls your entire device, and whether activation creates a work profile on your device. And if you have a 
 device, you might have even more options.
Your administrator should tell you what options you need to choose, but you can click the link above to read administrator documentation about 
 device management options.
iOS icon
Your administrator should tell you what you need to know about activating your 
 device, but you can click the link above to read administrator documentation about 
 device management options.