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Integrate UEM with 
Active Directory

Determine the MDM terms of use URL, MDM discovery URL, and App ID URI. For more information, see Integrating UEM with Azure Active Directory join.
  1. Sign in to the 
    Microsoft Azure
     management portal at
  2. Navigate to 
    Mobility (MDM and MAM)
  3. Click 
    Add application
  4. Click 
    On-premise MDM application
    . Enter a friendly name (for example, 
    BlackBerry UEM)
  5. Click 
  6. Click on the application that you added in the previous step to configure its settings.
  7. Specify the user scope, 
    . If applicable, select the groups.
  8. In the 
    MDM terms of use URL
     field, specify the URL.
  9. In the 
    MDM discovery URL
     field, specify the URL.
  10. Click 
  11. Click 
    On-premises MDM application settings > Properties
  12. In the 
    App ID URI
     field, specify the URL.
  13. Click