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Creating a Wi-Fi profile

Connect users' devices to the work network

The sidebar menu that opens the Wi-Fi page.

1. Open the Wi-Fi profile page 

Click Policies and Profiles > Networks and Connections > Wi-Fi.

The Wi-Fi profile page to search or create a profile.

2. Add a Wi-Fi profile

Click the icon.

Text boxes for Wi-Fi profile name and description.

3. Type a name and description

Users will be able to see this information about the Wi-Fi profile on their devices.

The text field for the name of the Wi-Fi network.

4. Add a Wi-Fi network

In the SSID field, type the name of the Wi-Fi network that you want users to connect to.

Tip: If the Wi-Fi network hides the SSID, click the Hidden Network check box.

The types of supported devices for the profile.

5. Select supported device types 

Choose the device types that you want the profile to support.

The options that configure the profile accordingly.

6. Set up the profile

Set up the profile based on your organization's needs. For example:

  • Choose a security type for the Wi-Fi network, for example, WPA-Enterprise
  • Specify the primary and secondary DNS
  • Associate a proxy profile

Tip: For an explanation of each profile setting, see Wi-Fi profile settings.

Add or cancel profile.

7. Click Add

Image of User Groups list

8. Choose a user or group

Go to a user or device group.

Wi-fi profile under assigned profile.

9. Assign the Wi-Fi profile

In the profiles table, click + > Wi-Fi. Click the profile you created and click Assign.

10. That's it!

You have successfully created a Wi-Fi profile!

To learn more about UEM Wi-Fi profiles, see Setting up work Wi-Fi networks for devices.