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Managing client certificates for user accounts

You can add client certificates directly to individual user accounts or to a user credential profile assigned to the user account. Adding certificates directly to a user account is supported for 
BlackBerry Dynamics
 enabled devices or other managed 
 devices. Uploading certificates to user credential profiles is supported for devices running 
BlackBerry 10 OS
 version 10.3.1 and later, 
 devices, and 
Android Enterprise
To allow users to upload certificates that they can use to connect to your work 
 network, work VPN, and work mail server, use a user credential profile, which can be associated with a 
, VPN, or email profile
If you have an on-premises environment and you upload certificates for 
BlackBerry Dynamics
 apps to user accounts, you should configure a time to live for user certificates. When the time to live ends, the certificates are deleted from the server.