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Managing email and web domains for 

You can use a managed domains profile to define certain email domains and web domains as "managed domains" that are internal to your organization. Managed domains profiles apply only to 
 devices with the 
MDM controls
 activation type.
After you assign a managed domains profile:
  • When a user creates an email message and adds a recipient email address with a domain that is not specified in the managed domains profile, the device displays the address in red to warn the user that the recipient is external to the organization. The device does not prevent the user from sending email to external recipients.
  • A user must use an app that is managed by 
    BlackBerry UEM
     to view documents from a managed web domain or documents downloaded from a managed web domain. The device does not prevent the user from visiting or viewing documents from other web domains. The managed domains profile applies to the 
     browser only.