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Managing enterprise connectivity for 
BlackBerry 10

If you want to use an enterprise connectivity profile to configure 
BlackBerry Secure Connect Plus
, see Enable BlackBerry Secure Connect Plus instead of this task.
By default, 
BlackBerry UEM
 assigns the Default enterprise connectivity profile to all users. You can edit the default profile or you can create new enterprise connectivity profiles.
Enterprise connectivity is always on for 
BlackBerry 10
 devices. You can use the enterprise connectivity profile to associate a proxy profile to send data through a proxy server.
If necessary, create a proxy profile.
  1. On the menu bar, click 
    Policies and Profiles
  2. Click 
    Networks and connections > Enterprise connectivity
  3. Click The Add icon.
  4. Type a name and description for the profile. Each enterprise connectivity profile must have a unique name.
  5. Click the 
  6. f you want to use a proxy server, select a proxy profile.
  7. Click 
If necessary, rank profiles.