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Create an app shortcut for 
, and 

You must create an app shortcut for each shortcut to a web page that you want to display on users’ devices. For devices activated with 
BlackBerry Dynamics
, you have the option to add the shortcut to the 
BlackBerry Dynamics Launcher
  • Verify that users are assigned an app entitlement for “Feature – BlackBerry App Store” (com.blackberry.feature.appstore).
  • Verify that the image that you plan to use as the icon for the shortcut meets the following requirements:
    • The image format is .png, .jpg, or .jpeg.
    • The image does not have transparent elements. Any transparent elements will display as black on the device.
    • The maximum image size is 120x120.
  1. On the menu bar, click 
  2. Click The Add an app icon.
  3. Click 
    App shortcut
  4. Type a name and description for the app shortcut. The name is used as the label for the app shortcut.
  5. Beside the 
    Shortcut icon
     field, click 
    . Locate and select an image for the app shortcut icon. The supported image formats are .png, .jpg, or .jpeg.
  6. Select the device types that you want to configure this app shortcut for.
  7. In each of the device type tabs that you selected, in the URL field, type the web address of the shortcut. The web address must begin with http:// or https://.:
  8. Select the location where you want the shortcut to be added. If you add the shortcut to the 
    BlackBerry Dynamics Launcher
    , specify whether you want the web site to open in the 
    BlackBerry Access
  9. Click