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Importing IT policy and device metadata updates

 regularly sends IT policy and device metadata updates to 
BlackBerry UEM
 installations to provide information about updates from device and OS vendors.
For example, after device vendor releases a new device model, 
 may send updated device metadata to 
BlackBerry UEM
 installations so that activation and compliance profiles include the new device model and it can be allowed or restricted by the profile. After 
, or 
 release OS updates, a new IT policy pack may be sent to 
BlackBerry UEM
 UEM installations to allow you to control the new features in the OS update.
By default, 
BlackBerry UEM
 installs these updates automatically. If your organization's security policy does not allow automatic updates, you can turn off the automatic updates and import updates into 
BlackBerry UEM
You can also set up event notifications to inform administrators when IT policy and device metadata updates have been installed.