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Add an enrollment configuration

An enrollment configuration allows you to define how devices that are enrolled in DEP are set up when they are activated in 
BlackBerry UEM
. You can create as many enrollment configurations as your organization needs. 
  1. On the menu bar, click 
  2. In the left pane, click 
    External integration > Apple Device Enrollment Program
  3. Click the name of a DEP account.
  4. In the 
    DEP enrollment configurations
     section, click The Add icon.
  5. Type a name for the configuration.
  6. Complete one of the following tasks:
    •  If you want 
      BlackBerry UEM
       to automatically assign the enrollment configuration when DEP devices synchronize to 
      BlackBerry UEM
      , select the "Automatically assign all new devices to this configuration" checkbox. 
      BlackBerry UEM
       synchronizes with 
       DEP on a daily schedule and whenever you view the 
       DEP devices page.
      If you previously created an enrollment configuration with this setting and the configuration was applied to devices, 
      BlackBerry UEM
       does not assign the new enrollment configuration. 
      You can select only one enrollment configuration to be automatically assigned to new DEP devices. If you previously created an enrollment configuration with this setting, the setting is removed from the previous configuration and added to the new one.
    •  If you want to manually assign the enrollment configuration to specific devices, leave the "Automatically assign all new devices to this configuration" box unchecked.
  7. Optionally, type a department name and support phone number to be displayed on devices during setup.
  8. In the 
    Device configuration
     section, select from the following options:
    • Allow pairing - if selected, users can pair the device with a computer
    • Enable supervised mode - if selected, devices are activated in supervised mode. You must select at least one of "Enable supervised mode" or "Allow removal of MDM profile."
    • Mandatory - if selected, users are not prompted to accept the enrollment configuration
    • Allow removal of MDM profile - if selected, users can deactivate devices. You must select at least one of "Enable supervised mode" or "Allow removal of MDM profile."
    • Wait until device is configured - if selected, users cannot cancel the device setup until activation with 
      BlackBerry UEM
       is completed. This setting is valid only if you select "Enable supervised mode."
  9. In the 
    Skip during setup
     section, select the items that you do not want to include in the device setup: 
    • Passcode - if selected, users aren't prompted to create a device passcode
    • Location services - if selected, location services are disabled on the device
    • Restore - if selected, users can't restore data from a backup file
    • Move from Android - if selected, users can't restore data from an Android device
    • Apple
       ID - if selected users are prevented from signing in to 
       ID and iCloud
    • Terms and conditions - if selected, users don't see the 
       terms and conditions
    • Siri
       - if selected, 
       is disabled on devices
    • Diagnostics - if selected, diagnostic information isn't automatically sent from the device during setup
    • Biometric - if selected, users can't set up 
      Touch ID
    • Payment - if selected, users can't set up Apple pay
    • Zoom - if selected, users can't set up Zoom
    • Home button setup - if selected, users can't adjust the Home button's click
    • Device-to-device migration - if selected, users can't transfer data from their previous device to their new device
  10. Click 
  11. If you selected "Automatically assign new devices to this configuration," click 
If you did not select "Automatically assign new devices to this configuration", see Assign an enrollment configuration to iOS devices.