Activate BlackBerry 10 devices using the BlackBerry Wired Activation Tool Skip Navigation

BlackBerry 10
 devices using the 
BlackBerry Wired Activation Tool

  • Configure the 
    BlackBerry Wired Activation Tool
     and log in to a 
    BlackBerry UEM
  • Turn on all connected devices and make sure that all devices have either completed the initial setup process, or that they haven't started it. You can't activate devices if the initial setup process is in progress.
  1. Connect one or more 
    BlackBerry 10
     devices to your computer using USB cables.
  2.  Check the 
     column for each device. Perform one of the following actions: 
    • If the Status column displays 
      Requires password
      , click 
      Requires password
       to enter the password for the device
    • If the Status column displays 
      Unsupported device
      , upgrade the device software to 
      BlackBerry 10 OS
       version 10.3 or later
    • If the Status column displays 
      , assign the device to a user
  3. In the 
     field, search for a user account that you want to assign a device to. 
  4. In the list of search results, click the user account.
  5. In the main section of the screen, click a user account name and drag the name to a device to assign the device to that user. Repeat this step to assign devices to multiple users.
  6. Select the checkbox next to the user and device pairs that you want to activate.
  7. Click 
    Activate devices
BlackBerry Wired Activation Tool
 activates all the devices you selected. Check the Status column for the progress and results for each device. If an activation doesn't complete, click the message in the Status column for more information about errors.