Turn on user registration with the BlackBerry Infrastructure Skip Navigation

Turn on user registration with the 
BlackBerry Infrastructure

Registration with the 
BlackBerry Infrastructure
 simplifies the way users activate their mobile devices. With registration turned on, users do not need to enter the server address when they activate devices. Registration is enabled by default. If you change this setting, you might need to update the activation email with the steps that users must take to activate their devices.
Devices running 
Windows 10
Windows 10 Mobile
 do not use the same method for contacting the 
BlackBerry Infrastructure
, so turning user registration on or off does not change the activation process for these devices.
  1.  On the menu bar, click 
  2. In the left pane, expand 
    General settings
  3. Click 
    Activation defaults
  4. Make sure the 
    Turn on registration with the BlackBerry Infrastructure
     check box is selected.
  5. Click