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Change the default settings for 
BlackBerry Connectivity Node

By default, the 
BlackBerry Gatekeeping Service
 in each 
BlackBerry Connectivity Node
 instance is active. If you want gatekeeping data to be managed only by the 
BlackBerry Gatekeeping Service
 that is installed with the primary 
BlackBerry UEM
 components, you can change the default behavior to disable the 
BlackBerry Gatekeeping Service
 in each instance. You can also specify the default logging settings for all 
BlackBerry Connectivity Node
The default settings apply to each 
BlackBerry Connectivity Node
 instance that is not in a server group. When an instance is part of a server group, it uses the default settings configured for that server group.
  1. In the 
    BlackBerry UEM
     management console, on the menu bar, click 
    Settings > External integration > BlackBerry Connectivity Node setup
  2. Click  The Edit default settings icon .
  3. If you want to disable the 
    BlackBerry Gatekeeping Service
     in each instance, select the 
    Override BlackBerry Gatekeeping Service settings
     check box.
  4. If you want to configure logging settings, select the 
    Override logging settings
     check box. Perform any of the following tasks:
    • In the 
      Server log debug levels
       drop-down list, select the appropriate log level.
    • If you want to route log events to a syslog server, select the 
       check box and specify the host name and port of the syslog server.
    • If you want to specify maximum limits for log file size and age, select the 
      Enable local file destination
       check box. Specify the size limit (in MB) and the age limit (in days).
  5. Click 
If you disabled the 
BlackBerry Gatekeeping Service
 instances and you want to enable them again, select the 
Enable the BlackBerry Gatekeeping Service
 check box. Each instance must be able to access your organization’s gatekeeping server.