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Managing apps on the app list

The app list contains apps that you can assign to users, user groups, and device groups. The app list includes the following information:
  • App name and icon
  • App vendor
  • Supported device OS
  • Number of applied users 
  • Number of devices the app is installed on 
  • App rating
  • App source
You can click the number of applied users to display information about the installation status for the app.
You can click the number of devices the app is installed on to see a count of confirmed and unconfirmed installations. Unconfirmed installations include installations on 
 devices with the 
User privacy
 activation type because 
 can't confirm if the app is still installed on the device.
Apps listed with a lock icon  The BlackBerry Dynamics app icon  are 
BlackBerry Dynamics
 apps. For more information, see Managing 
BlackBerry Dynamics
Apps assigned to users by a 
Microsoft Intune
 app protection profile don't appear in the app list.