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Managing and monitoring activated 

After devices are activated and managed by an IT policy and profiles, you have several features available to control users' devices.
You have the following options: 
Control which software updates are installed on devices and the timing of updates
You can use a the device SR requirements profile to specify if and when OS updates are installed on the following devices:
  • Android Enterprise
     devices that have a 
    Work space only
  • Samsung Knox
For more information, see the Administration content
You can use Compliance profiles to specify restricted OS versions. For more information, see the Administration content.
Turn on location settings and locate a device
You can turn on location settings to track the location of 
For more information, see the Administration content
Retrieve device logs
You can retrieve logs from devices for monitoring and troubleshooting purposes.
For more information, see the Administration content
Deactivate a device
When you or a user deactivates a device, the connection between the device and the user account in 
BlackBerry UEM
 is removed. You can't manage the device and the device is no longer displayed in the management console. The user can't access work data on the device.
You can deactivate a device using the "Delete all device data" or "Delete only work data" command.
Users can deactivate an 
 device by selecting Deactivate My Device on the About screen in the 
BlackBerry UEM Client