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 devices with an IT policy

BlackBerry UEM
 sends an IT policy to each device. You can use a default IT policy or create your own IT policies. You can create as many IT policies as you require for different situations and different users, but only one IT policy is active on a device at any time.
The IT policy rules for 
 are based on the the capabilities of the device and the device configuration options provided by 
.  As 
 releases new OS updates with new features and configuration options, new IT policy rules are added to 
 at the next possible opportunity.
You can download the searchable and sortable IT Policy rule spreadsheet. The spreadsheet documents all available rules in UEM, including the minimum device OS that supports the rule.
Device behavior you control with an IT policy includes the following options:
  • Allowing device features such as the camera and, 
  • Allowing apps in one profile to access data in another profile
  • Restricting functionality only for apps and data in the work profile. 
For more information on sending IT policies to devices, see the Administration content.