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Fixed issues in BlackBerry UEM 12.11.1 quick fix 2

In BlackBerry Web Services for BlackBerry UEM, the ContainerID is returned in the CreateAccessKey API. (EMM-137643)
VPP account removal sometimes failed. (EMM-137061)
Errors occurred when you applied filters to a group. (EMM-136820)
When you were using an LDAP connection, you couldn't synchronize user attributes. (EMM-136693)
SSAM requests failed when authentication didn't happen fast enough. (EMM-136097)
The Google APIs that BlackBerry Core uses were updated. (EMM-135730)
The Audit and Logging > System Audit page loads faster. (EMM-135518)
When an iOS device went out of compliance, the Root MDM Verification certificate was removed from the device. After the devices returned to an "in compliance" state, the Root MDM Verification certificate did not display on the device, and BlackBerry Dynamics apps remained in an application blocked state. (EMM-133296)
When a SSAM request arrived to a domain that contained multiple BlackBerry UEM instances, if most of the instances were not running, the response to the request was slow. (EMM-132636)