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Fixed issues in BlackBerry UEM 12.11.1

Installation, upgrade, and migration fixed issues

For migrations from on-premises 
BlackBerry UEM
 to on-premises 
BlackBerry UEM
 version 12.11 did not block the migration of 
BlackBerry Dynamics
 apps that were activated with the 
BlackBerry UEM Client
. (EMM-127771)
Devices that were already pending migration might have displayed as device migration candidates. (EMM-127345)

 User and device management fixed issues

When 2 
 devices were activated for the same user, optional VPP apps could not be installed on both devices. (EMM-127393)
When you activated an 
Google Play
 might not have opened automatically and installed required apps. (EMM-124880)

 Management console fixed issues

When you configured a connection between 
BlackBerry UEM
Microsoft Intune
, and created a 
Microsoft Intune
 app protection profile, a corresponding profile was created on the 
 portal. If you later deleted the profile in the 
BlackBerry UEM
 console, the profile might not have been deleted from the 
 portal. (EMM-127748)
When you set the 'Required security patch level is not installed' option in a compliance profile, if 
BlackBerry UEM
 detected that a device had the incorrect patch level, the following incorrect message might have displayed: "Required security patch level was not detected by BlackBerry Dynamics, hardware attestation failed, or no BlackBerry Dynamics apps provided attestation results within the specified grace period: No action will be applied." (EMM-127708)
When you created a custom administrator role, if you chose the 'Selected groups only' option, and assigned the role to a user, that administrator user could not delete user groups from other users. (EMM-126379)
On the Apps page, if you filtered by "Apps needing review," warning icons might not have displayed beside some of the apps that needed review. (EMM-125724)

UEM Self-Service
 fixed issues

Certificate-based authentication did not work in 
UEM Self-Service
 when a user accessed 
UEM Self-Service
 using the 
BlackBerry UEM
 FQDN. (EMM-125721)