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Sending certificates to devices using profiles

You can send certificates to devices using the following profiles available in the Policies and Profiles library:
CA certificate
CA certificate profiles specify a CA certificate that devices can use to trust the identity associated with any client or server certificate that has been signed by that CA.
User credential 
User credential profiles send certificates to devices in the following ways:
  • They can specify a connection to your organization's PKI software to send client certificates to devices.
  • They can allow you to manually upload certificates in 
    BlackBerry UEM
SCEP profiles specify how devices connect to, and obtain client certificates from, your organization's CA using a SCEP service.
BlackBerry Dynamics
, to use certificates sent by profiles, you must select "Allow 
BlackBerry Dynamics
 apps to use user certificates, SCEP profiles, and user credential profiles" in the settings for the app.