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Setting up 
 policies and profiles to manage 
Windows 10

In this section, you can learn about the policies and profiles that are available for 
Windows 10
 devices in 
BlackBerry UEM
 and how to set them up.
  • IT policies
    : Set password requirements and restrict device capabilities.
  • Certificate profiles
    : Choose which certificates are sent to the devices for authentication.
  • Email profiles
    : Specify settings for work email accounts so that users can access their work email from the native mail app on their device.
  • VPN and Wi-Fi profiles
    : Specify network settings so that users can access work resources from their device.
  • Compliance profiles
    : Set rules to encourage users to follow your organization’s standards for the use of devices.
  • Windows Information Protection profiles
    : Configure 
    Windows 10
     devices to protect work data.