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Windows 10
 device updates with 
BlackBerry UEM

BlackBerry UEM
, you can control 
Windows 10
 PC and tablet updates using the following IT policies:
  • Update installation day
    : Specify the day of the week when an update can occur.
  • Update installation hour
    : Specify th
    e hour of day when an update can occur.
  • Active hours start/end
    : Specify the hours when a user is usually active so that Windows update reboots are not scheduled.
  • Delivery optimization mode
    : Specify the delivery optimization mode and options for Windows updates so that updates are delivered in the most effective way over the network.
You might also set up compliance rules to prevent users from running unauthorized versions of 
. You can set the actions to take when a compliance violation is detected (for example, prompt the user and, if the user is still non-compliant after a number of prompts, wipe the device).
For more information about IT policy rules see the BlackBerry UEM policy spreadsheet.


If you want the marketing and sales teams to complete Windows updates after 17:00 on Wednesdays, you do the following:
  • Create an IT policy for 
     devices that meets the following 
     update requirements:
    • Set the installation day to "Wednesday."
    • Set the installation hour to "17."
    • Set the start of active hours to "8."
    • Set the end of active hours to "17." 
    • Any other options that you would like
  • Assign the IT policy to the marketing and sales team group in