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Key features for 
Windows 10
 devices in 

The following table highlights the features available to unmanaged devices and managed devices in 
BlackBerry UEM
. You can manage 
Windows 10
 devices, including 
Windows 10
 tablets and computers. 
 licenses are required to activate 
Windows 10
Unmanaged devices (devices that are not managed by 
You can enable secure access to work content even if 
 does not manage the device.
To enable secure access to the work intranet, email, and contacts, you deploy 
BlackBerry Access
Windows 10
 devices. For more information about 
BlackBerry Access
see the BlackBerry Access Administration Guide
To enable secure file-sharing, you can deploy 
BlackBerry Workspaces
. For more information, see the BlackBerry Workspaces server content.
Managed devices (devices that are managed by 
You can deploy 
Windows 10
 devices to be managed with 
 only, or in coexistence with 
 System Center Configuration Manager (SCCM).
When you use 
 to manage 
Windows 10
 devices, it allows you to:
  • Apply IT policies and profiles
  • Deploy apps from the 
    Windows Store
     for Business to the 
    BlackBerry UEM App Catalog
  • Configure device update management settings
  • Set compliance rules (for example, 
     Health Attestation) 

Device features

  • Wireless activation
  • Customize terms of use agreement
  • Client app not required 
  • View and export device details (for example, hardware details)

Security features

  • Separation of work and personal data
  • Encryption of work data at rest
  • Protection of devices using remote IT commands (for example, lock the device)
  • Control device capabilities using IT policies (for example, disable camera)
  • Enforce password requirements
  • Enforce encryption of internal storage

Sending certificates to devices

  • CA certificate profiles
  • SCEP profiles 

Managing work connections for devices

  • BlackBerry Dynamics
     connectivity profiles
  • Exchange ActiveSync
     email profiles
  • IMAP/POP3 email profiles
  • Wi-Fi
     and VPN profiles (with proxy)
  • Windows
     Information Protection profiles

Managing your organization’s standards for devices

  • Activation profiles
  • App lock mode profiles
  • BlackBerry Dynamics
  • Compliance profiles
  • Device profiles
  • Enterprise Management Agent
 Only for 
Windows 10
 Education and 
Windows 10
 Enterprise devices.

Protecting lost or stolen devices

  • Delete all device data
  • Delete only work data 

Configuring roaming

  • Disable data when roaming 

Managing apps

  • Distribute public apps from storefront (
    Windows Store
  • Manage work app catalog 
  • Manage restricted apps
  • Distribute internal apps 
 The restricted app list is not required for 
Windows 10
 devices because only apps that an administrator assigns can be installed in the work space or on devices.