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 devices with profiles

BlackBerry UEM
 includes several profiles that you can use to control various aspects of device functionality. The most commonly used include the following profiles:
Profile name
Specifies the device activation settings for users, such as the activation type, method, and the number and types of devices a user can activate.
Specifies settings for devices to connect to your work 
Specifies settings for devices to connect to a work VPN.
Specifies how devices use a proxy server to access web services on the Internet or a work network
Specifies how devices connect to a work mail server and synchronize email messages, calendar entries, and organizer data. If you install and configure 
BlackBerry Work
 on devices, you don't need to set up an email profile.
BlackBerry Dynamics
Allows devices to access 
BlackBerry Dynamics
 apps, such as 
BlackBerry Work
BlackBerry Access
, and 
BlackBerry Connect
BlackBerry Dynamics
Defines the network connections, Internet domains, IP address ranges, and app servers that devices can connect to when they use 
BlackBerry Dynamics
Defines the device conditions that are not acceptable in your organization and sets enforcement actions.
Enterprise connectivity
Specifies whether devices can use 
BlackBerry Secure Connect Plus
CA certificate
Specifies a CA certificate that devices can use to establish trust with a work network or server.
User credential
Specifies how devices obtain client certificates that are used to authenticate with a work network or server.
Specifies the SCEP server that devices use to obtain a client certficate that is used to authenticate with a work network or server.
For more information about sending profiles to devices, see the Administration content.