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 app integrity check on devices

After you add 
 DeviceCheck keys, you can create a list of apps that will receive attestation challenges from 
BlackBerry UEM
. Note that you do not need to add the 
BlackBerry UEM Client
 to the list because is already subject to attestation challenges.
  1. Click 
    Settings > General settings > Attestation
  2. In the 
    iOS app integrity check frequency
     section, click 
    Enable iOS app integrity check on devices
  3. In the 
    Challenge frequency
     section, specify, in days or hours, how often the apps must return an attestation response to 
    BlackBerry UEM
  4. In the 
    Grace period
     section, specify a grace period in hours or days. After the grace period expires with no successful attestation response, a device is considered non-compliant.
  5. In the 
    Apps to receive attestation challenges
     table click 
  6. In the 
    DeviceCheck key name
     list, select one of the key names that you created in the Add Apple DeviceCheck keys topic. Note that for 
     authored apps, the system will automatically use 
    ’s own DeviceCheck key.
  7. Select an app to receive attestation challenges.
  8.  Click